Sticking To Your Plan A

Attending GT Fashion Weekend has been a goal for me for a while, scratch that, attending a fashion show has been high on my priority list for several years now; most especially backstage at a major/global one. So, being at GT Fashion Weekend well, over the weekend, has literally been my dream come true. I got invited for the last masterclass of Day 1 and it was anchored by Kahlana Barfield Brown and she talked about Sticking To Your Plan A.
For me, this was confirmation on so many levels. I felt somewhat of a kinship as I could relate to a good number of what she talked about.

A few nuggets I took away from the masterclass that resonated with me strongly are
– Love what you do; this was proof (all over again) that I’m not entirely crazy and that my dreams and achieving them is valid. Kahlana Barfield Brown is another person on my list of people that get paid heavily to do the things they absolutely love.
– Self-promoting isn’t so negative; this is an area I find myself struggling with especially on social media. I’ve worked so hard over the years getting international and professional certifications AND acquiring experience in my field but most times I feel I don’t have to throw it in peoples’ faces so much. Watch out folks, I’m on a rampage now. 😄
– Keep being authentic as a brand on social media; to a certain extent, I believe I’ve got this locked down. I do know what I stand for and I choose not to deviate from it (even when it’s not so popular and doesn’t make as much sales) especially when it has to do skincare.
– Collaborate with brands that are true and genuine to your brand. Be selective if you must; for me this is absolutely true. When I first started consulting for skincare, I would recommend products and have my clients pick it up from wherever they wanted, but then I would get complaints of how the second or third bottle they got from a certain place seems not to be the real deal. This has led me to partner with one or two skincare companies with amazing products at affordable rates, thereby giving my clients a certain guarantee on the authenticity of any product I recommend and that they pick from me.
– Success comes after a lot of hard work and sacrifices has been made; I honestly can’t stress how much this spoke to me. Being that I overhauled my business about 3 years ago after taking a leave for about 18 months, I still find myself putting out much work to get things established to the standards I wish to have. The perks can be quite inviting but don’t be deceived that it’s a smooth sail.
– Colorism; I thought I had died and gone to heaven when she mentioned this. I honestly believe this nugget deserves a post all by itself so I won’t dwell much on it here.

Do share with me what your plan A is and how far you’ve come in achieving it.

Get motivated

A few days ago, a friend of mine visited after a long while and we had some time to catch up. We talked about the days we lived together, how we strived with our entrepreneurial ventures and especially our counterparts back then.

You see, a few months into going entrepreneurial full time, I met my husband, got married, changed location and was pregnant: so the stories she recounted to me brought back memories and I couldn’t help but have mixed feelings.

“This person is doing so well”

“This other person is into this and that and seems to have found their calling there”

“So and so has expanded to places unimaginable”

“She has gone international”

I was indeed happy for them but I could not help but wonder where I would have been if I had not moved. But one common thing about these people struck me: CONSISTENCY.

They all woke up in the morning and took a conscious decision to go after their dreams: again and again. They made plans and followed through on executing them. They deprived themselves of certain ‘comforts’ but chose to sacrifice repeatedly for the cause (their dreams) they believed in. Days turned to weeks, weeks into months and 4 years down the line, my friend and I are discussing them as success stories.

What is holding you back?

What’s your excuse?

Family? Your spouse? Your kids? Fear of failure or rejection?

If only you can take a step, just one step closer to your hearts’ desires on a daily basis. Commit to giving an inch and watch it turn to feet, give a feet and it may just become yards, yards to miles and miles to that contentment and satisfaction you’ve always lived for.

I pray and wish that you would!

See you at the top!!!


Blog Launch

Welcome Everyone!!!

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We are indeed grateful. Thanks a million.

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