My daily skin care routine


Now that you know your skin type, how should you properly take care of it?

We’ve established that there are Dry, Normal, Oily and Combination skin types. What we didn’t include is that any of the above skin types can be Sensitive, but this cannot be determined by our paper towel test.

A daily skin care routine cuts across all skin types but the products involved may be different based on skin needs ie someone with sensitive skin MAY not use all the products that every other skin type uses but other skin types may comfortably use products made for sensitive skin. (hope I didn’t confuse you there)

A daily skin care routine may include

  • Washing: This could be with a facial bar or regular bathing soap. I personally prefer a facial bar as this is usually tailored to remove makeup gently without stripping the top layer of the skin bare.
  • Cleansing: An alcohol-free cleanser works well for all skin types as it doesn’t dry the face out. YES, you with very oily skin, an alcohol-free cleanser should be your very first investment in proper skin care (when alcohol dries out the skin, it exposes it to even more oil production which is NOT what you want).One product I’ve found very helpful in ridding my face of makeup is an eye makeup remover. Its so mild on the skin and effortlessly wipes water-proof products away. Trust me, your kajal, eye ink and mascara don’t stand a chance against this product. Simply wipe with a Q-tip dipped in this product and away they go. Try it with your matte lipsticks too, you’ll be amazed.
  • Use whenever you’ve applied eye makeup.
  • Cleansing is just to remove all the makeup that your facial bar couldn’t get to especially around the hair line. Apply directly onto the face and wipe of with a muslin cloth or towel. When used at night, you can skip applying in the morning.
  • Toning: Many people get confused with this process and to clarify the misunderstanding, a toner is first water-based. Then it is meant to soothe the skin while smoothing it out and tightening pores. It also prepares the skin for whatever follow up process you choose.*Tip: Refrigerate your toner 30 minutes before applying – HEAVEN!!!
  • To cut across all skin types, your toner should be alcohol-free. Apply with a cotton pad day and night.
  • Moisturizing: This is one of my favorite processes. Having a Day and Night moisturizer is truly a skin care investment. For dry skin types, this process is literally a ‘skinsaver’ (if such a word exists). It is best to use Day and Night moisturizers from the same brand as these usually complement each other.Then the Night moisturizer allows the skin to rest and recuperate while you sleep. Don’t leave out your lips as these get neglected most times.PS: Just because I didn’t mention the rest of the body doesn’t mean it should be neglected.
  • I also use an eye cream to moisturize the eye area and prevent darkness and bags around the eyes.
  • I love to use a Day moisturizer also as a sunscreen and makeup primer. This serves to reduce the amount of products I use on my face especially in hot and humid weather.


Now you know what a daily skin care routine looks like, tell me in the comment below what you are missing out or what you hope to add. Don’t know your skin type? Find out here.



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