Save most on finishing products

It’s really so easy to fall for makeup advertising campaigns. They come up with all kinds of reasons why their makeup brands are better than the rest. Whilst some claims may be true, there are some products that seem to have the same ingredients and work the same way from brand to brand.


Most of the time, the difference is the price tag.


Here, we will be discussing products that every makeup artist or makeup lover should possess but doesn’t necessarily have to lose an arm and a leg to acquire.

Mascara: with a shelf life of just 6 months (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer), why would one want to spend a fortune buying a mascara? Besides, with a good wand, one can achieve a wonderful single or double coat before layering with false lashes.

Blush: just a hint of color is what is needed to achieve a good blushing look, so the price tag shouldn’t be exorbitant. Having a palette with at least 5 different shades can serve for any skin tone as long as you are good with mixing and matching.

Pencils: what’s most important is that they should give off color and remain sharpened. Even the cheapest of eye or lip pencils can give off a good hue. If you feel the colors aren’t popping enough, you can add a little bit of shadow (for eye pencils) or lipstick/gloss (for lip pencils) in the same shade to accentuate it. This is also true for eyebrow pencils.

Liquid eye liners: these are just like mascaras. They have a fairly short shelf life and when applied properly, no one can guess they are drugstore.


When a makeup look is complete, you would see that the above products are more of finishing products. They help bring together and complete the work started by the ‘splurgers’. On their own, they CANNOT wreck a look COMPLETELY compared to the ‘splurgers’.

And this is another way of making sure that there’s some change left in the bank. Save most on finishing products.

Do you agree?

Do you think I missed a product?

Let me hear you in the comments.

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