What skin type do you have?

Knowing your skin type is a first step to better caring for your skin. This is so you can use products specially made for your type of skin.

Finding your skin type is actually quite easy and can be done at home within an hour. Simply follow these steps,😁

  • Wash your face with your favorite facial bar. Dab clean with a towel. Do not cleanse or apply any other product on your face.
  • After an hour, using a single ply from your kitchen roll or serviette (this is preferable to the usual toilet paper because it covers the whole face at once), cover the entire face pushing the single ply of paper towel into the nooks and crannies of your face.
  • Remove the paper and observe!

Dry skin: your paper towel will remain the same. There would be no visible transfer of oils from the face to the paper.😒

Normal skin: there’ll be traces of oil transfer from the face evenly distributed on your paper towel. Evenly distributed ‘patches’ if you may.

Oily skin: you just can’t miss the oily display😝. You may literally have to peel the paper off your face. Every part of the paper that has touched your face becomes translucent (light can pass through it).

Combination skin: the forehead, nose and chin sections (T-zone) of the paper are translucent while the other parts have evenly distributed patches as in normal skin. Most women have this type of skin, not oily and not normal.


Now that you know what your skin type is, do well to source for products that would bring out only the best in your skin.😘


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