My weekly skin care routine

Some days ago, I let you in on how I pamper my skin daily. From washing to cleansing down to moisturizing. Today, we’ll be seeing a weekly pamper routine.

Maybe because I’m blessed with good genes, I never took skin care seriously until I became a mother and approached my 30’s. Suffice to say, things were not the way they used to be, but with proper and regular care, I’ve been able to keep things in check.

Because I have a flexible work routine, I can afford to spoil myself on weekdays: usually on Wednesdays but any day you choose is fine.

Here it goes;

  • Cleansing: We’ve talked about cleansing previously, so we’ll be skipping it on this post.
  • Scrubbing: After prepping the skin by cleansing, next is scrubbing! I love to use a scrub with tiny rounded beads preferably Jojoba beads: this ensures proper exfoliation and doesn’t leave tiny cuts on the skin like several microdermabrasion versions. Scrubbing removes the dead skin cells that accumulate on the skins’ top layer, this immediately visibly brightens the complexion.
  • While scrubbing, I like to apply pressure on areas where I’m white and blackhead-prone but I avoid the delicate eyes and lips region. I also scrub my neck then I wash off with warm water.
  • Steaming: Pour boiling water in a bowl, add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil or leaves of your preferred herbs (lemon grass works wonders), place your face above the steaming bowl with a towel over your head to keep the steam from escaping. Turn your face from side to side making sure all parts of your face are properly steamed and that you can breathe properly.
  • This process opens up your pores and allows it to get unclogged and this is the only time you are allowed to pop any pimples or pull out any stubborn blackhead. The steam from the essential oils or herbs also penetrate the upper layer of the skin to work the wonders you intended.
  • Toning: Using a cotton pad, swipe the face with your favorite toner to soothe and calm your skin down. For more on toning click here.
  • Masking: Using your favorite mask, cover the entire face (except your lips and eyes) and following the instruction on the label, leave to dry or set for the amount of time. You can place slices of refrigerated cucumber over your eyes while your mask is on to hydrate the eye region and DON’T FORGET TO RELAX. Peel or wash off as instructed. This process helps to actively slow down and in some cases, reverse the visible signs of ageing on the face.
  • Moisturizing: We are back to one of the most important processes in skin care. Depending on the time of day and your preferred products, do well to keep your skin properly hydrated. More on moisturizing here.


Do you live in Lagos? Would you like to enjoy a free facials experience? Let me know in the comment section below.

Author: nwaka

Master International Makeup Professional, Beauty Consultant, Beauty blogger, Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother.

4 thoughts on “My weekly skin care routine”

  1. Hmmm…. Steamin is somthn I havnt realy tried before, bt it seems lyk smthn dat wil be gud for me, especially as I hav an oily facial T-zone & a very annoyin acne-prone chin tho it ain’t so bad. I’l try to incorporate steamin in2 my skin care routine, see hw it goes. Tanx bae!

    1. You are welcome Ihuoma. I’m glad that you got value from the post. Do write back if you experience any changes after adding steaming to your weekly routine.

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